OCT 15, 2019 TO OCT 19, 2019

2 States | 5 Days | 6 Districts | 10 Cities | 10 Wheels | 100+ Startup CEO's & CXO's | 120 Hours of Learning


#StartupPayanam is a initiative under #Entrepreneurship vertical of ROWTHRA - "The youth Forum", A Socio-Cultural youth organization that works on 6 different verticals,

  • Agriculture & Environment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Women Empowerment
  • Youth Empowerment

The Entrepreneurship vertical of Rowthra has initiated few other project/Properties like SISA - South Indian Startup Awards, SISC - South Indian Startup Conclave, Rowthra Investor Network, Rowthra Mentor Network, Rowthra Startup Network & Rowthra Student Acceleration Program

#StartupPayanam, is an initiative to foster #Entrepreneurship among young fellow Indians. The idea here is a Startup Travel where we plan to take Wannabe Entrepreneurs & Startups less that 6 years as payanigal (participants) across the various established and budding companies /start-ups & Hearing the journey of the senior Entrepreneurs both Success & Failure by visiting their places over a travel. The intention of #startupPayanam is to get them experience the real world of Start-ups, The challenges, Strategies, Problem solving and experience that the Entrepreneurs go through. This is an honest effort by the startup community to inspire and educate aspiring Entrepreneurs for the overall benefit of the ecosystem.

We have previously successfully completed 6 Editions of #startuppayanam out of which we have met 250+ CEO, 350+ Startups and created 150+ success stories that includes creating 15+ New Entrepreneurs, 5 Intrapreneurs, 3 Investment Announcements & 100+ Business collaborations.

The immediate previous edition of #Startuppayanam was a WOMEN EXCLUSIVE payanam with a intention to create Women Entrepreneurs where our Payanigal, Speakers, Mentors, Sponsors, Partners & Even the bus driver was a women. We had a vision of creating a women empowered Startup Eco-System.

This edition of #Startuppayanam is the First Ever INTER-STATE Payanam, Covering 2 states,6 Districts & 10 Cities.

This Payanam starts in Chennai & Ends in Chennai (Chennai - Bangalore - Mysore - Sathiyamangalam - Krishnagiri - Salem - Erode - Pollachi - Coimbatore - Chennai). This event is happening on 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th & 19th of OCT, 2019. This is going to be a 5 days travel from Chennai - Chennai where we will have 40+ Entrepreneurs / wannapreneurs as participants & 100+ Senior entrepreneurs as Speakers / Mentors.

This edition of #Startuppayanam will focus on the following sectors Agriculture, Food & Beverages, Technology, Energy, Sports, Media & Entertainment, Event Management, Retail & Few others

For Further Details,
RG Nawin Krishna,
+91 96777 49696 | nawin@startuppayanam.in | pro@startuppayanam.in



OCT 15 th 2019 TO OCT 19th 2019



  • OCT 15, 2019

    Meetups of Startups in Chennai
  • OCT 16, 2019

    Meetups of Startups in Bangalore
  • OCT 17, 2019

    Meetups of Startups in Bangalore
  • OCT 18, 2019

    Meetups of Startups in Mysore
  • OCT 19, 2019

    Meetups of Startups in Coimbatore

And Few more startups over the Travel.